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Universal Cleaning Kit - GC-CS-1500


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Manufacturer: Green Clean

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The Green Clean Universal Cleaning Kit (CS-1500) is:

  • easy for travelling
  • multi purpose use
  • long lasting
  • anti static

The BLUE BOOSTER BLOWER is for extra strong air flow. It removes dust particles from all surfaces such as lenses and more.

The VARIO BRUSH is made from Goat Hair and is particularly soft and adjustabel in two positions:
1/ 19mm lenth = firm
2/ 34mm length = soft
This brush has an anti-static effect and is retractable, therefore protected inside the handle.
The Vario Brush is also washable with babyshampoo and luke warm water.

The Green Clean OPTIC FLUID is for excellent and effective cleaning, without any alcohol or aggressive agents that could dissolve materials. Biologically safe.

SILKY WIPE is made from particularly flat, tightly spun silk-derivative and contains no chemicals, binding materials or bleach. To be used dry or with liquid.

COTTON SWABS are perfect for cleaning camera and video finders. Usage: spray a cotton swab with the OPTIC FLUID and gently wipe the surface of the finder / camera housing to remove dust and dirt particles.


Cleaning Kit weight: 94.8g