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QRS-70 FLM Quick Release Base & Plate Set - FLM-12-70-909


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Manufacturer: FLM

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QRS-70 FLM Quick Release Base and Plate Set is ideal for use with large lenses (with two screws on the tripod collar) and has a lasered scale. It combines the QRB-70 FLM Quick Release Base and QRP-70 Quick Release Plate.

QRB-70 FLM Quick Release Base is a patented professional quick change system with tried-and-tested dovetail guide that prevents inadvertent unlocking and dropping of the QRP camera plate, and ultimitely your camera gear!

The stop lever is also secured against inadvertent opening. The FLM camera plate clicks into the base from the top, which allows for quick and secure locking with no need for cumbersome threading in of the camera plate from the side. The special shape of the plate allows for very strong and safe fixation to the base.

The special shape of the plate allows for very strong and safe fixation to the QRB-70 base, which has a 3/8” bottom thread to attach to a tripod centreball head.

The QRB works in conjuction with the QRP-70 (Quick Release Plate), which can be displaced by 40mm on the base if you choose. It is supplied with two 1/4“ screws to attach to the sockets on the lens tripod collar​However, thanks to UniQ/C standardisation of the QRB series, this allows for compatibility of the Base with other manufacturers camera plates too.

Attach the camera with the QRP-70 Plate to the rear guide. One 'click' downward and the camera is secured, but may still be displaced. So, by briefly turning the locking lever, the plate (with camera attached) is immobilised in the desired position.


  • Camera socket (inch): 1/4 = 0.64cm
  • Dimensions (mm): 70 length x 44 width x 10 height
  • Weight (g): 56
  • Max. Load (kg): 60


  • Bottom thread (inch): 3/8 = 0.95cm
  • Dimensions (mm): 69 length x 62 width x 16 height
  • Weight (g): 98
  • Max. load (kg): 60


  • QRP 70
  • QRP 130
  • QRP 160
  • HSA 45
  • HSA 80
  • Tripod heads
  • HSA-1 - all QRB systems can be upgraded with the HSA-1 - Hot Shoe Adaptor (sold separately)