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HSA-80 levelling adaptor - FLM-12-21-902


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Manufacturer: FLM

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The HSA Levelling Adaptor in conjunction with a Spirit Bubble Level (available separately) assists you in levelling your equipment, offering a more precise horizontal or vertical alignment of your camera for portrait or landscape format pictures.


The HSA Levelling Adaptor connects to the following comptible FLM products via a slot and screw system to assist in levelling:

  • FLM QRB (Quick Release Base) II series
  • FLM LB (Levelling Base) II range
  • FLM Tripods with slot on the centre column top plate (on models without the built in levelling - 2015 onwards)

The other end of the HSA Levelling Adaptor allows for quick and easy attachment of Spirit Bubble Levels, small lightweight flash guns, or small ball heads with hotshoe mounts such as the FLM KG-14 Ball Head on one end of the level.

Note: The Spirit Bubble Level could also be slotted directly into the coldshoe flash mount on top of your SLR or DSLR camera.

The HSA-80 is a longer in length than the HSA-45.


  • Levelling reading errors minimised - level is close to the base of the camaera
  • Minimum disruption of the bubble level (available separately) when adjusting level
  • Versatile applications
  • Standardised flash shoe connection


  • Dimensions (mm): 80 length x 21 width x 3 height
  • Weight (g): 25
  • Max. Load (kg): 1



NOTE: Spirit Bubble Level pictured does not come with the HSA-80, but is available separately