Snapperstuff is the sole UK & Ireland distributor for:

Think Tank Photo FLM LumiQuest Lightech MindShift Gear


"Quality Gear for Photographers"

Snapperstuff is the sole UK and Ireland Distributor for these brands:

  • Think Tank Photo™ - specialist photographic camera bags and accessories
  • MindShift Gear™ - outdoor backpacks and accessories
  • FLM™ - precision ball heads, carbon fibre tripods & monopods
  • Lightech™ - compact, lightweight, portable softboxes & stands
  • LumiQuest™ - strobist light modifiers

Snapperstuff is an Authorised Retailer for these brands:

  • Green Clean™ - camera, computer & optics cleaning solutions
  • Peak Design™ - quick connecting Capture Clip, Leash & Cuff straps

Based in the UK, we supply our products to a network of Authorised Retailers (Dealers) and specialist photographic outlets. We also sell the full range of products online here. (Button links for these 'Retailers' and 'Products' pages can be found on the left of this page.)

Working closely with our network of Authorised Retailers, we provide regular training and point of sale material to help guide you, the photographer, in choosing the ‘right’ products to meet your specific needs:

  • Photo shoot requirements
  • Carry & storage solutions
  • Physical limitations to the photographer
  • Provide full product support after purchase

Our product ranges have been developed not only with the needs of professionals in mind, but for photographers of all levels and abilities.

Widely used by professional photographers, videographers and multimedia specialists under rigorous conditions, our products have been designed to perform to very high standards, and offer a range of solutions for the photographer's differing needs.

Founded by a professional photographer, Snapperstuff has a unique understanding of the needs of the fast changing photographic industry. Understanding the needs of the photographer – from amateurs to pros - means we can provide essential support to the photographer to help provide the right solutions for carrying, storing and working with your camera gear.

Snapperstuff also exhibits regularly throughout the year with the Bigger Picture Roadshow and other large Photographic Exhibitions, with a team of Product Specialists on board to help guide you in finding the right solutions for you.

You can find out more about when and where these events are happening on our Blog page. (Button link for our 'Blog' page can be found on the left of this page.)

You'll also find features on photographers using our products as well as other news and views, which may help you in deciding which bag or accessory is right for you. You can also follow us on Twitter or Facebook and we always welcome your feedback in order to improve our service to you.

Snapperstuff and are the trading names of Snapperstuff Limited.


Think Tank Photo


"Designed by photographers for photographers"

Think Tank Photo has been formed by a group of designers and professional photographers focused on studying how photographers work, and developing inventive new carrying solutions to meet their needs. They have created a string of inventions unmatched by their competitors.

“By focusing on ‘speed’ and ‘accessibility’, we prepare photographers to Be Ready “Before The Moment,” allowing them to document those historic moments that reflect their personal visions and artistic talents.”

“For some companies, it is only about the product. For us, it is more: It is about supporting photographers doing their job. If we can design products that help photographers travel easier, take pictures faster, and organize their gear more efficiently, then we will have accomplished something beyond the bags themselves.” Think Tank Photo

Think Tank photo design products for photographers - inviting product evaluation and suggestions from all their customers. By listening to feedback they support photographers by designing great products for them, meeting the ever changing needs of their equipment.

The Think Tank Photo range of camera bags and accessories are manufactured to the highest standards with strict quality control.                 


  • Transportation
  • Storage
  • Understand working practices
  • Reliability
  • Durability
  • Quality Assurance
  • Light weight
  • Innovative
  • Focus on Speed & Accessibility
  • Local & International Travel requirements
  • Organise the photographer more efficiently
  • Take pictures faster
  • Feedback

Popular with photojournalists and video journalists worldwide, the Think Tank Photo products have been tested in the most rigorous of conditions and provide unique and versatile ways to carry your gear.


"Engage with Nature"

MindShift Gear is a group of committed professional photographers and product designers who support conservation and protection of our natural resources and planet.

Founded by the creators of Think Tank Photo and conservation photographer Daniel Beltrá, MindShift Gear is dedicated to building carrying solutions for those who are passionate about experiencing the natural world.

The MindShift Gear slogan, “Engage with Nature,” challenges people to not only become involved in outdoor activities, but to create a conversation about nature and our relationship to the environment.

The rotation180° Professional features something that no other backpack does – an integrated camera waist pack that rotates out of the lower section to the front of the body, allowing instant access (patent pending design). Releasing and rotating the waist pack can be done in seconds, letting you quickly change lenses, filters, or other accessories.



"A firm grip on everything, no matter what the situation"

FLM began with the idea to build ball heads which do justice to the demands of the professional photograph (F). To reach optimum image quality, the additional light (L) which must be put precisely is required in many situations. Ball joints are also used in the measuring technology - Metrology - (M) to hold sensors, sources of light, passive reflector and measuring optics, so they are wobble free and unmoveable.

This demanding and variable area of application makes high demands and varied knowledge in the precision mechanics to the products. In 1993 the family-controlled company FLM was founded and developed with the help of our customers - the photographer - the first ball joint - series. By the narrow contact with photographers took place a many years', continuous advancement of the products which has led to the unique qualities and functions of the newest "Series II" generation.

"True to this guiding principle, we strive to manufacture products of the highest quality and with innovative functions."

"Our high-tensile aluminum is lead-free and is shaped using the most modern CNC technology. Thanks to the extremely elaborate and high-precision computer-controlled material processing of components in one piece, we attain a hundredfold increase in precision and strength in comparison to costly casting processes."

"The willingness to make something better every day together with our love for detail and the high dedication of our employees have allowed FLM to establish itself in Germany and the company is well on its way to sell its products "Mad in Germany" around the globe with success."

Lightech Photography


"Compact, Lightweight, Portable"

Over the last ten years, professional and amateur photographers have more and more often chosen outdoor photography over traditional studio work.

With the simplification of photography the introduction of digital technology brought about, the language of images has evolved towards highly advanced technical solutions. However, while photographers have been adopting complex lighting patterns on location, they are still forced to use equipment originally designed for studio work .

Bearing this in mind, Lightech-Photography Project is aimed at reducing lighting tools weight and size, making shooting on location simple and practical, without sacrificing the quality of professional studio equipment.



"Photo Flash Accessories"

"Controlling the light is critical in photography … there is no room for haphazard."

For over 25 years, LumiQuest has had a proven track record in producing quality light modifiers in what is now a very competitive market.

Their secret to success is very simple... "We offer products that work. Our products don’t perform miracles nor do we claim that they do.  They improve the quality of light in very predictable ways, consistent with the basic laws of physics."

"Over the years a number of light modifiers have reached the market place. If they were designed consistent with the laws of physics, they generally worked pretty well. There has been increasing interest in modifiers that bend to essentially an infinite number of positions. While this may seem advantageous, it is actually very problematic. Even a slight variation in the angle of a bounce surface can send the light in unpredictable directions, often missing the subject entirely."

LumiQuest came about when Quest Couch and Heidi Kenny were operating Quest Productions, a company specializing in high-end corporate multimedia. The still photography required for this type of work necessitated fast setups on location, under a variety of circumstances. These demands led to the development of the LumiQuest line of flash accessories. From the very first designs, the emphasis was on simple light modifiers that worked, rather than gimmicks that would sell.

This mission has led to LumiQuest producing a range of over 20 different devices which are designed to solve real lighting problems in the field.

"All of our light modifiers serve specific purposes by combining the photographers’ needs with the basic laws of physics to create simple, effective accessories that work."

The LumiQuest light modifiers are designed to fold flat and to be compact when not in use. This is perfect when storage space is limited and you need to travel really light yet still be able to produce results with your flash lights quickly!

"We continue to listen to photographers’ problems and share their vision ... to help them create images that are beyond their wildest dreams."

Green Clean


"Cleaning systems for delicate instruments"

For over 30 years Green Clean has produced high-quality products for cleaning sensitive surfaces.

In 1989 Green Clean introduced their Air-Dusting product range - an alternative, environmentally-friendly gas to the market – a long time before it became legally binding to replace fully-halogenised Freone. The also produced interchangeable 'Dusting Tools' designed to be used in conjunction with the Air Dusters and their re-usable valve system - thus providing a dusting or suction action.

"Our concept is to continually improve our products, but at the same time to guarantee environmental protection; alone the fact that the TOP valve (on the Air Dusters) is re-usable saves an enormous amount of one-way plastic triggers."

"We have substantially improved the pressure action on our products and accessories such as the Anti-Static Adapter and Dual Extender can, in many areas, save expensive work-time. Our innovative dusting system subsequently became the key to our greatest success."

Green Clean presented their innovative Sensor Cleaning System for DSLR cameras the first time at PMA 2005 in Orlando, USA.  And now have representatives for this product in over 30 countries worldwide.

Green Clean have also added specialised products for cleaning computers, and for service, technical and optical maintenance to their range: GREEN CLEAN for CLEAN SCREEN


Green-Clean Quality & Innovation

Green Clean have a fantastic team of employees and development engineers at their new factory in Austria and can therefore make use of the most modern production methods of their suppliers. "We are more than ready to face any new challenge, in order to keep up with any new future technological trends."

Producing consistently high quality products for the benefit of the consumer is at the heart of the Green Clean range: "The permanent exchange of ideas and information with our customers and raw material suppliers enables us to keep up with the continually increasing demands. Our products are developed through teamwork, with excellent technicians and chemists and are produced according to our specifications in the most modern companies in Austria.

All our production companies have ISO-certification! It is not a coincidence that our products carry the trade mark. The continuous checking of our product range and careful quality control enables us to offer our customers the best possible service."

"Practise creates the idea - precise production creates the product!"

Peak Design


"Mission: to enable photographers, adventurers and outdoors enthusiasts to better capture the beautiful world around them"

Peak Design achieves this by designing and building innovative, thoughtfully composed, ultra-durable products that are easy to use and versatile.

"Right now we are helping people better transport and physically manage their cameras, but as time goes on we will tackle other pain points that photographers and outdoorsy people face. We believe that wherever you go and whatever physical activity you do, your camera should be right there with you."

Peak Design was founded by Peter Dering in 2010 when he invented the Capture Camera Clip as a solution to his own camera-carrying frustrations. You can read the full story in this blog post from our mutual friends at SmugMug.

Peak Design are serious about making high-quality gear, serving their customers well and continually innovating. Whilst on a personal level, you’ll find that they take themselves less seriously!

They say: "We didn’t join this company to put on suits and act all hoity-toity… that’s what New Years Eve is for. We’re a rag-tag group of photography, outdoors, adventure and travel enthusiasts who have banded together to make badass camera gear."